Ladies Medical Doctor Long Coat Lab White Apron Coat

Style No: TGZ-MU-005
Fabric Composition: 100% Cotton, 60% Cotton 40% Polyester, 65% Polyester 35% Cotton, As per requirements
Size: XS-XXL [Customize Size or Asian, EU and USA Standard]
Color: Black, Blue, Gray, Navy, or As per Requirements
Label: Private Label Accepted
Print & Embroidery: As per requirements
MOQ: 1000 Pcs
Lead Time: 30-100 days based on order quantity
Shipment Term: FOB or CNF


Long white doctor lab apron coat

  • Cotton and Polyester enriched
  • Light in weight
  • Pure White color
  • Fine Texture
  • Finely Stitched
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Durable for a long time


Everyone knows the hard and difficult lives doctors lead. From twenty-four hours duty to forty-eight hours shift, doctors have to bear it all and so does their clothes. A  doctor’s times is spent more in her Medical Long Coat then in her casual coats. From medical students to lab assistants to practicing physicians all have the need of a decent, durable, and comfortable medical unisex scrub. Lady Doctor’s White Medical Coat is decent, soft to touch, comfortable, and sophisticated in wearing.

  • While buying the coat, doctors keep a lot of details in mind, comfort, stitching, decency, durability, fitting, and fabric everything has to be considered. Doctors ask themselves, whether it can be worn for long duration? Does it have a professional look? Whether there are any pockets or not? All these things are considered before buying them. This lady doctor’s medical coat and lab apron is style meeting class. It brings the professionalism, comfort, and sophistication with itself.
  • This coat ensures free movement of its wearer. Doctors have to move much during their duty. So, this coat ensures that they do not face any kind of movement restriction. The doctors can run, walk, and even sleep freely in this coat.
  • Doctor coats are created in all sizes and shapes, from extra small (XS) to extra, extra-large (XXL). Doctors of all shapes, weights and heights can find the coat that suits them the best.
  • The designers and manufacturers of this coat understand the struggle and challenges doctors have to go through. This white doctor lab apron coat has specially been made with keeping their lifestyle in mind.
  • Coat’s collar and cuffs are made of cotton, which protects the wearer from rashes and boils. The collar gives the coat its class, style, and shape. The width of cuffs gives the coat its perfect symmetry and shape.
  • The medical coat normally comes in white color and its most demand is in white color as well. However, other such coats in different colors with embroidery and prints can also be custom made on order and as per requirement.
  • This, ladies medical long coat and lab apron, have two large pockets at the front of coat to keep important items in them.
  • While buying the coat, the fabric should carefully be analyzed that it is not made of warm stuff. As warm stuff can make doctors quite uncomfortable in their long and tiring shifts.
  • Doctors should be cautious while buying their coats as small and large coats can both turn out to be a nuisance. Wrong sized coats give the doctors an unprofessional look and can cause discomfort. The sleeves of a long coat would have to be repeatedly folded and smaller sized coat will very soon tear itself.

Key Features:

  • Fits perfectly: This coat comes in all sizes and gives a professional and decent look to its wearer. It perfectly shapes itself according to the wearer’s body and buttons straight up to the collar. This makes sitting, walking, and running quite easy.
  • Durable: Because doctors have to endure a lot, their coats are made to bear much as well. This coat is made to be quite durable and can be worn for a long stretch of time without getting torn or patched.
  • Sensitive in Colors: Due to its white color, the doctor’s coat is quite sensitive to colors and other chemicals (one of the reasons, doctors’ medical coat is always made by white fabric, so that medicines, blood, and other harmful chemicals could easily be detected). The fabric is made to bear numerous chemicals, medicines and solutions.
  • Soaks Sweat: Getting cramped in a hospital full of patients and other doctors, it is impossible not to perspire. With all the death, disease, and sickness around, it often leaves behind a bad aftertaste and sweating brows, even in doctors sometime. Coat and shirt receive the most sweat because our torso sweats the most in difficult and hot times. However, this coat soaks the sweat easily because of the fabric of cotton and polyester. Its white color also hides the sweat stains which is a plus for doctors.
  • Light in weight: Due to polyester and cotton, the coat gives the impression of softness, lightness, and freshness to its wearer. Thin coats suit the doctors because doctors often have to keep standing for hours in all sorts of conditions and places. A coat which does not make the doctors feel itchy, suffocating, or clammy is preferred by the doctors mostly.
  • Elasticity: As this is a long medical coat for female doctors and lab assistants, made of cotton and polyester, this coat is neither free sized nor flexible. The size of chest, waist and sleeves should be calculated before buying this coat so it can fit perfectly. Although, it does not contain flexibility or elasticity still it is quite comfortable to wear and allows free movement.


  • Soft and comfortable in wearing
  • Shapes the body
  • Finely stitched
  • Durable and resilient
  • Soaking material
  • Light in weight
  • Double pocketed
  • Professional look


  • Vulnerable to stains
  • Must be ironed before use
  • No elasticity
  • Can easily be subjected to wrinkles
  • Not a warm fabric
  • Sensitive color
  • Must be worn above casual clothes

Wash Care:

The fabric of this white doctor lab apron coat is not staining resistant as it has white color. So, in the case of stain, either wash it gently with hands or by machine. Having the coat dry cleaned is also permissible. The stain should be brushed with soft hands and light washing powder, or it can ruin the softness of fabric. It is a wash and wear garment.


Both cotton and polyester are fragile fabrics and should not be exposed to extreme heat. Before ironing the coat, it is important to make sure that the iron is neither too hot nor is it causing shrinking or wrinkling of the fabric.