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Tex Garment Zone has evolved into a leader in men’s fine shirt manufacturing & best woven shirts suppliers in Bangladesh. Today, the name represents an international symbol of modern factory, and time-honored standards, vision and commitment.

Woven Shirts Suppliers in Bangladesh

It is our work to simplify and de-mystify the process of buying for custom-made shirts. Whether fabric descriptions or collar explanations, we try to keep them fun and original, making it easy to understand. The derivation of our shirts is very important to us. We’ve selected a select group of fabric vendors from across the world. Only the finest raw materials are sourced. Every detail is examined. Our manufacturing process involves only modern machines and well defined processes. The best shirt is just a sum of its parts.

We’re known for providing best woven shirts, mens shirts, ladies shirts, cotton dress shirts, printed shirts, yarn dyed check shirts etc. Our produced men’s shirts feature a wide range of styles and colors, so whether you’re looking for casual, formal, or somewhere in between (semi-formal or semi-casual), you’ll be able to find something to suit the occasion while looking fashionable. As well as looking fashionable, our shirts are also competitively priced for an extra bonus.

We use two main types of fiber qualities: man-made and natural. Popular man-made fiber is polyester and also we use poly/cotton mixed fabric, tencel, viscose, nylon, cotton/spandex. Some natural fibers what we use are linen(the first used historically), hemp, cotton which is the most used, ramie,wool, silk and more recently bamboo and soya. Fabrics for shirts are called shirtings. The four main weaves for our fabrics are plain weave, oxford, twill and satin. Fil-a-Fil, Broadcloth, poplin and end-on-end are variations of the plain weave. And some derivatives of twill are chambray, dobby, broken, combined, diamond, diaper, diagonal, herringbone, shaded, stepped etc.

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