Underwear & Socks

Hosiery industry(socks and underwear) is an earliest industry in the arena of textile business having very good prospective in local market and also in the international market. There is growing market demand for hosiery undergarments for its numerous benefits. Cotton spandex undergarments are widely used by all classes of public because of its good permeability, low prices and availability. These base garments are used by the persons throughout the year under changed climatic environments. It is assumed that there will be no problem in marketing of crocheted undergarments of decent quality. For this reason underwear manufacturers in Bangladesh are doing very good in exporting worldwide.

Tex Garment Zone is an underwear manufacturer in Bangladesh, looking for international customers, we can help you to build your own brand and make you more successful. We are true fashion lover being a sustainable manufacturer in Bangladesh.

This venture is based on single shift basis with 9 hours and 300 working days per year. The piece is proposed to be started in own building. Costs of machinery, tools, raw material indicated in this report refer to a specific make and roughly to those prevailing at the time of preparation of this venture and it is assumed that these rates are likely to vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and country to country. Cost of setting up and electrification of plant and machinery is taken at 10% of its total cost.

Sourcing a specialized underwear manufacturer is already a tough job and even more so if you are looking for roughly more precise like a custom lingerie producer. Even though there are a lot of underwear clothing manufacturers in Bangladesh, finding the right one flawless for your requirements and price is a difficult job to master. Both for looking at a big and small order manufacturing, your options should not only be restricted within your area as you must be open in looking for for lingerie manufacturers abroad. The enormous majority of garments manufacturing takes place in Bangladesh and that’s also where the manufacturers with the best expertise and most knowledge are positioned. Only for very high priced underwear in big quantities you might also want to look into other countries for manufacturing.

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