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Sewing workers are working in a modern clothing factory in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the quickest developing nations on the planet at this moment. As of late elevated to a center pay position (GDP of $285 billion) from its past position as a least creating nation, the nation is presently the third biggest economy in South-East Asia. The “Made in Bangladesh” tag has additionally brought greatness for the nation, making it a lofty brand over the world.

Thinking back to the nineteenth century, jute was the primary wellspring of procuring remote cash. Be that as it may, in the twentieth century, readymade pieces of clothing assumed control over the mantle and is presently the greatest supporter of the country’s GDP. After the Rana Plaza building breakdown Bangladesh has experienced a critical upgrade, supported by the Accord and Alliance. Presently, 7 out of the 10 top LEED guaranteed apparel manufacturing plants are in Bangladesh and the nation gloats 67 eco-accommodating green industrial facility structures, the most elevated number on the earth. Pushing ahead, Bangladesh has defined up an eager objective of accomplishing $50 billion in clothing exports in 2021. Current COVID19 crisis may hinder this progress this year, but Bangladesh Garments Manufacturers and Exporter Associations have some steps to be taken this year to recover the loss and achieve the goal in targeted time. Many companies are converting themselves as PPE and face masks manufacturers.

With the second biggest garments fabricating industry on the planet, the nation has a notoriety of having the most minimal expenses of clothing creations. Presently, driving worldwide form retailers are moving their generation to Bangladesh from China, Vietnam, Thailand and India.

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Newly established one green factory in Bangladesh


Ha-meem Group

Ha-Meem Group is a main discount apparel producer in Bangladesh and on the planet. The organization delivers probably the most trendy denim textures and piece of clothing items and claims a standout amongst the most far reaching and clever assembling offices in Bangladesh. Throughout the years, Ha-Meem has been working with probably the greatest form brands of the world. The organization has a rich history of 30 years in the material business, and utilizes around 50,000 laborers; the organization has 26 piece of clothing processing plants comprising of 300 creation lines and 7 washing plants with the ability of delivering 7 million pcs/month.


Beximco Fashions Ltd.

Beximco Fashions Limited (BFSL), an individual from Beximco Group, began its business creation amid July 1997. BFSL is a 100% fare arranged article of clothing industry, situated at Dhaka Export Processing Zone at Savar, Dhaka. Beximco Fashions Limited delivers more than 6 million pcs of top notch dress/easygoing shirts for unmistakable brands and retails in USA, Canada and Europe. Square Fashions Ltd. Established in 1997, Square Fashions Limited is represented considerable authority in delivering a wide range Readymade Knit Apparels and Circular Knit Fabrics. Presently the organization has two Garments Units and two Fabrics Units. Every unit is furnished with cutting, weaving, printing, sewing and completing materials and hardware. Square Fashions Limited is likewise giving free laborer’s residences unadulterated drinking water, lighting and cooking offices, transportation, suppers at work, recreational offices, and nonstop restorative administrations.

Opex Sinha Group

Opex and Sinha Textiles Group is one of the main exporter of readymade pieces of clothing in Bangladesh with a yearly fare in abundance of US $ 300 million. In the array business section, Sinha Group has two backups: Medlar Group and Opex Group. Sinha Group has set up a solid reinforcement linkage office, the most present day and biggest a few tasks of turning, weaving, sewing, yarn coloring, pc coloring, denim, sew coloring, printing, and wrapping up.

Standard Group

Established in 1984, Standard Group is one of the longest running article of clothing producing organizations in Bangladesh. It has one of the biggest woven piece of clothing fabricating offices in Bangladesh, including a sweater creation office. What’s more, the organization has its very own in house piece of clothing washing, printing, weaving, attire configuration, article of clothing testing, and different adornments generation offices. They are one of the well know Bangladesh shirt manufacturer.

Fakir Group

Fakir Group is a mix of composite sew pieces of clothing, article of clothing name structuring and assembling, printing and bundling, paper and board assembling, and then some. Its Fakir Garments Ltd is a 100% fare arranged sew piece of clothing industry of 3.6 million pcs limit for every annum. FGL has effectively achieved the notoriety of being the most trustworthy pieces of clothing industry for top notch weave articles of clothing results of multi-dimensional styles

DBL Group

DBL Group is an enhanced business substance which has vertically incorporated material and attire fabricating offices. It is likewise one of the biggest weave piece of clothing producers and exporters of Bangladesh, with real markets incorporate Europe, USA and Canada and is a platinum provider of H&M for Knit Garments. H&M, Walmart-George, Puma, Esprit and G-Star are a portion of the significant purchasers.

Epyllion Group

Epyllion Group began its voyage as a place of Readymade Garments (RMG) occupied with assembling and sending out of weave clothing since 1994. It has since turned out to be one of the greatest aggregates with generous foundation of its regressive linkage of a wide range of sew articles of clothing, material, wet handling, and piece of clothing embellishments. The significant fares for Epyllion Group’s readymade articles of clothing incorporate Europe, USA, Asia, and Africa.

Asian Apparels Ltd.

Asian Apparels Ltd, established in 1992, is presently one of the main piece of clothing makers in Bangladesh with a unique spotlight on article of clothing sends out. Over the ongoing years, Asian Apparels Ltd has been putting expanding consideration on being consistent with all pertinent social, moral, condition and quality framework to manufacture a superior reasonable wellbeing and security condition in production lines.


Viyellatex Ltd.

Beginning as a little privately-owned company, the organization is presently a garments fabricating powerhouse. Since their establishing in 1996, Viyellatex has turned into a start to finish offer arrangement supplier from sourcing cotton and going the whole distance to giving strategic help to customers, with a workforce of in excess of 15000 individuals. They have in house printing facility and good as printed t shirt suppliers.

This isn’t a portrayal of the normal Bangladesh attire industrial facility. These makers have a MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) of over 50,000-100,000 pcs at the base and they tend to reserve for creation for a considerable length of time, if not years. These production factories are not suitable for those retailers, importers, distributors and wholesalers who has to change designs regularly, can’t accept 50,000 pcs per style. In that case, Tex Garment Zone can be their solution. We are associated with small manufacturers who run factories with less number of workers to reduce production cost and medium sized factories who are audited by BSCI, ACCORD, SEDEX, ALLIANCE, WRAP who can willingly accept small order quantity to big quantity (if necessary). We assist our customers to source the best textile and clothing trims from Bangladesh, China and other countries as our team regularly visit those countries for sourcing.  We have some in-house testing equipment to offer customer instant report on garments and textiles as we work with various technical and complicated fabrics and clothing.

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