An unbelievable amount of sportswear made from functional materials does not make it easy for the athlete to choose the right garment. Runners, strength athletes, cyclists, hikers, skiers, and all other athletes now have all their individual sports gym wear.

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Special fabrics with special membranes breathe, protect, compress and usually look “very cool”. The big goal of functional clothing is the well-being and performance of the athlete in all weather conditions.

Sports wear for men manufacturers always seem to come up with new things in the field that are more or less revolutionary and functional.

The importance of Sportswear:

Sportswear is a compulsory accessory for those who practice sports regularly. It is not only about visual aspects, but also suitable clothing helps you to increase your performance. But it should fit properly and make of high-quality material. In the following, we will show you what features to look for when choosing your sportswear.

The main features of functional clothing:

Just a few years ago, the runner wore a wide washed-out T-shirt, which probably had no other use, with matching cotton trousers. Today, the modern runner wears compression underwear, a shirt made of high-tech fibers, a particularly breathable but windproof running jacket and skintight running tights with eye-catching reflective surfaces.

Protection against wind and weather:

Special fabrics can protect against the wind in combination with membranes and are additionally waterproof.

Moisture transport:

Functional sportswear promotes the removal of moisture, perspiration, and moisture are transported from the skin through the clothing to the outside.

This breathability keeps the athlete’s body and clothing dry and prevents possible hypothermia. Often sportswear attaches particular importance to breathability.

Thermal insulation:

Among the sports clothes, the optimal temperature should prevail not too cold, but not too warm either. This heat level varies depending on the load and the sport.

Lightweight and sturdy:

Of course, functional clothing should also be hard-wearing because the material is particularly stressed during sports activities. The weight of the equipment and of course the clothing is extremely important in many sports because every gram you wear unnecessarily robs you of energy and worsens times and results.

Sportswear should be designed especially for constant movement. This will help prevent you from getting trapped by uncomfortable clothing while walking and/or running.

The sportswear, on the one hand, protects against external influences, on the other hand, it should ensure proper temperature regulation. Breathable clothing prevents the body from cooling and minimizes the risk of muscle strain so it is always advisable to buy from reliable fitness clothing manufacturers Bangladesh.