Raihan Mahmud, hailing from Bangladesh, is an aspiring best Clothing Technologist, Garments Technician, Apparel Trader and Fashion Blogger.



Little did he know as careless child, who grew in beautiful Capital city of Bangladesh, Dhaka that life was beyond lazy afternoons in playground, and friends fighting over games.

As he grew older, he naturally developed affinity towards studies, and his focus shifted from playgrounds to his study table. 

However, his love for wandering in nature, exploring, and watching nature bring calmness haven’t changed a bit.

top 10 garments clothing quality inspectors in bangladesh scaled - Raihan Mahmud – Best Apparel Technician in Bangladesh - Best Clothing Technologist in Bangladesh

With science as his interest for education, he finished his college achieving Higher Secondary Certificate from Dhaka City College in 2001.

He achieved his bachelors in Textile Engineering from Bangladesh University of Textiles in 2005. He developed expertise in Yarn, Apparel, and Fabric Manufacturing. Moreover, Wet processing and all things technical from fiber to cloth, on path to become Best Clothing Technologist in Bangladesh.

After his bachelors, he spent few years in New Zealand and gained expert insight over his passion, textile. Moreover, his purpose of stay was to evolve and understand how he can use his expertise to reach the global market. 

He spent three years in New Zealand to acquire Diploma in Business (Advanced, level 7) from Regent International Education Group.

Like a true patriot, he came back to his homeland after learning all skills and education to give back to his country.

Best Apparel Technicians in Bangladesh – Top Garments Quality Controller in Bangladesh – Raihan Mahmud

Raihan worked in various companies to gain knowledge and expertise before embarking on his personal journey to develop as a Textile Technologist In Bangladesh and Best Apparel Quality Controller in Textile Industry.

His first experience started with JK Fabrics as a Production Officer for over a year; ensuring quality, speed, and smooth communication with merchandiser. Moreover, he overlooked the finishing section, dyeing section, and ensure all things are up to the mark as per the requirements.

Later he joined East West Industrial Park Limited as a Fabric Developer and Marketing Officer for almost three years. Here he was managing different kinds of fabric such as polyester, poly viscose etc.

Soon he joined Kartel Asia Ventures Ltd as a Merchandiser and worked in this capacity for over a year. It was a buying house hence he developed new skills, availing best from this new learning experience. He learned about various types of fabrics, quality and processes.

Meanwhile, he ensured the process of approval from buyer taking care of all nitty-gritty detail in apparel manufacturing process at the manufacturing facility, and finally making sure every piece meets the quality and standards.

Tex Garment Zone

After years of garnering skills, insight and experience, Raihan, finally ventured to develop his brand Tex Garment Zone.

In his facility he has been developing a brand for over 10 years, where quality meets sustainability with trends and ideas that attract buyers from all over the world.

With buyers from USA, UK, Africa, across the Europe, and new developing market in Oceania. In the last ten years, Raihan has increased his portfolio of clients and maintained for the quality he offers.

Best Clothing Technologist in Bangladesh

In a recent interview with fibre2fashion he gives expert tips on how to keep clients and keep them coming for more.

Raihan also indulges in writing and sharing the knowledge in his blog, where he elaborates and discuss market trends and changing fashion market globally.

He aspires to develop his brand, become the best garments technologist in Bangladesh, and help develop his country become the best known for its Textile Sector.

Why Hire Raihan Mahmud to Manage Your Garment QC?

Raihan Mahmud and his team have wide experience inspecting finished garments of all categories. In addition to being highly educated about quality defects affecting garments, his inspectors are trained to look for differences between fabric composition testing grades and client specifications.
Raihan Mahmud also provides support with QC spec development, including defect sorting for common garment defects like broken and missed stitches, loose threads, measurements out of tolerance and more.

He ensures your technical details are obviously and briefly drawn to your manufacturer and inspector to deliver you with the most precise inspection report.

No matter your style, they will make sure you have the right team for the job. Bulk fabrics are evaluated based on the mill-standard 4 point system that gives “penalty points” to each defect found within fixed segments of the textile. And clothes are always measured for conformance to determined tolerances for measurements.

Our professional and experienced inspectors are available for your QC needs throughout Bangladesh. With much of garment production at lower cost alternatives throughout Bangladesh, Raihan Mahmud will be with you every stage of the approach.

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