Women Comfortable Printed Tops Sleepwear and Stripped Pajama sets

Style No: TGZ-PS-002
Fabric Composition: 100% Cotton, As per requirements, Cotton Spandex, Poly Spandex
Size: XS-XXL [Customize Size or Asian, EU and USA Standard]
Color: Black, Blue, Gray, Navy, or As per Requirements, White
Label: Private Label Accepted
Print & Embroidery: As per requirements
MOQ: 1000 Pcs
Lead Time: 30-100 days based on order quantity
Shipment Term: FOB or CNF


Quality and comfort in women suiting range is a piece of overall emotional well-being and health. If you want your optimal level of comfort then you have to consider what you are going to wear. There is an unlimited range of all this stuff which ultimately means comfortability whether talking about women tops, sleepwear, and stripped loose cotton pyjamas. If you have a look in women’s wardrobe history you will see it consisting of clothing range. Heavy dresses were difficult to manage for working women. So these comfortable printed women’s tops, sleepwear, and pajamas came into existence in 1920. When highly educated and elite class women created boy look dresses like tops and trousers. Sleepwear also became famous among women to have a deep sleep that is good enough for health. Daily routine life is now so stressed and tiring, so there is a need for the dress range which makes you relax day and night. Women’s tops cover the upper body part and keep you comfortable as you can do work easily.

Importance of Women Tops

Go back to a few decades when heavy woolen dresses were compulsory for working-class women. That was difficult in humid seasons.  So an idea was generated to put on men’s shirts but they were not printed and lost fit having single colors only. Later on, the women’s tops were introduced in multi colors, brighter prints, and patterns. In short, comfort created the importance of these women’s tops. The range is out of limit these women’s tops are available with collar, sleeveless, sleeve cuffs, and sometimes with hoody.


  • Women’s tops are designed for casual, formal, and resort wear. These formal tops are created in double-ply or in tube style to look professional. These tops are professional and relaxing at the same time. They are available in different styles. Most of these women’s tops don’t contain pockets on the front end or are limited to one. They are stitched for the curvaceous women’s bodies. There is numerous design range in women’s tops as per the requirements. Sometimes fabrication can be same to kids pajama sets.


The ultimate freedom and graceful look of the nightgowns give maximum comfort feeling. They are also available in different styles and designs but the considerable thing is the weight. The lighter is the sleepwear the deeper is the sleep. Cotton sleepwear is breathable having adequate airflow. The blended cotton fabric makes it easier to use. There is a variety of sleepwear according to the season, fashion, and style. They are some sort of fluffy and a little bit heavy in winter and lightweight in summers. Cotton sleepwear provides the coverage and comfort that you need for good sleep. Cotton fabric is naturally breathable and when it mixes with some other stretchable fabric, it gives both breathability and comfortability.

Sleep Sets

Just like sleepwear sleep sets are also an important thing. It is easy to wear that gives you a comfortable sleep for hours long. A good sleep set is favorite sleepwear for a cozy sleep. Consider the fabric as well for getting a sleep set. Sleep set is simply called pajama set too. It also comes in comfortable shorts with matching and contrasting sleepwear. Chasing up the cotton, linen is another fabric type that is also famous for its silky soft comfort. Because the warm feeling of the sleepwear is compulsory for a night of healthy sleep. It enhances sleep quality to the next step.

Sleep Shirts

If you don’t feel easy in a kind of frill shirt, there are cotton sleep shirts and loose cotton pyjamas available for you. They are oversize and are immensely designed in low weight for high softness. It is highly casual with imaginable soft cotton comfort. This is for those women who don’t bother to wear a full sleep set but want to cover the body without any compromise on comfort to avoid changing day and night separate wear. Sleep shirts are long enough even you can use them inside the house in the day times.


The hot and cold weather disturbs your sleep. A suitable atmosphere is necessary for the perfect deep sleep. Breathability is more important than even intense winter. Air-blocking stuff disrupts your sleep. You will like to wear a pajama which gives you ease. Woolen pajamas are soft like silk for better feelings. It is as comfortable as you feel no burden. Stripped loose cotton pyjamas having a waistband on the top don’t disturb your sleep. The waistband gives your tummy and back relaxing support. So this is the women’s top choice in the winter season and the stripped pajamas in summer.


Nighties another comfortable dress into sleep. Silk nighties are favorite among women for years for their softness and glamour. They are also comfortable and breathable. It gives you an insulating feeling against the temperature. It is made for comfort and cozy feelings in winter and cools in summer. A gown-shaped nightie gives you full-body coverage in winter. It might be short and airier in hot weather. It is easy to put on because of its shape. Good night’s sleep should be calm and cozy. So the selection of sleepwear must be relaxing and comfortable. Better deep sleep is a way to work in a relaxed mood.

There is a vast variety lies in the women sleep wear and tops. Ultimately all kinds of these night sleep wear are used for comfort. These women comfortable tops, nightwear, and stripped loose cotton pyjamas are made with different fabrics as per your seasonal needs. Many of the features are added like breathability, design, style, fabric, and glamour. Comfortable printed tops are famous during the day time activities and rest of the sleepwear, and pajamas for the better sleep at night. Commonly one important feature resembles each other that is called comfort. No women wants to sacrifice relax feeling while on job in a professional platform or staying at home. So the dressing matters where your routine life is not so easy. So selecting the right choice for you according the body measurements gives you a sense of comfort and honor. That’s why the casual wears became famous as official dress. Simply if you are feeling comfortable with printed tops, stripped pajamas, and sleepwear you will perform your activities comfortably. So the comfort zone inside the wear range is more significant among women. Always choice a comfortable dress for better ease and sleep.

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