Unisex Knee Length Restaurant Chef Bib Apron

Style No: TGZ-RU-001
Fabric Composition: 100% Cotton, 60% Cotton 40% Polyester, 65% Polyester 35% Cotton, As per requirements
Size: XS-XXL [Customize Size or Asian, EU and USA Standard]
Color: Black, Blue, Gray, Navy, or As per Requirements
Label: Private Label Accepted
Print & Embroidery: As per requirements
MOQ: 1000 Pcs
Lead Time: 30-100 days based on order quantity
Shipment Term: FOB or CNF


Unisex knee-length restaurant professional chef aprons are a complete industry inside. It has numerous colors, styles, designs, and makes for its apron variety. The kitchen is the most compulsory part of a house or a restaurant so you need a good-looking, great fit apron to wear to keep your clothes clean. Aprons are always too much durable and made with thick fabric because aprons are mostly washed even one day after. That’s why durability does matter. Though an apron doesn’t cover all your clothes it abstains you from stains. The fabric is made of thick woven cotton provides you full stain safety. It is a need of the hour. So whenever you are in a kitchen you will have an apron hanging over there. 

Casual Apron Styles

Basically apron functions to protect cloths but comfort remains its presence at first. You couldn’t work if you are not feeling easy in an apron. So knee-length apron must be easy to use. It covers the maximum area of your clothes which remains exactly in front of the stove. The basic purpose is the same for all types of aprons.  

Neck Strap Bib Apron

Having strap around the neck and a string to tie up around the waist. This is the common and easy-to-use style in aprons. You easily put it on and off. It is light in weight and provides coverage to the clothes.  


Normally natural fiber fabric is suitable and recommended for kitchen use. It is more breathable that keeps you cool from kitchen heat. 

Synthetic fabric aprons are not recommended to use because they make your body heat up. 

The cotton or linen fabric apron is more suitable than others. They are thick in texture but airy enough. There is no restriction that what fabric should use for apron manufacturing and what not. The basic purpose sounds the same all time. It also depends upon the needs and weather conditions. Thick and stiff fabric is famous in cold weather countries while the area with warm and heat require thin, soft, and delicate types of professional chef aprons. 

Easy to Move 

An embroidered restaurant apron must be freely and naturally useable. It must not be disturbing you even if you put it on and off repeatedly. Almost all apron styling is made for comfortable use. No chef will prefer an uneasy apron. The reason they are available in all styles everywhere. 

Fitness Types

Chef and kitchen workers require an apron that fits their body, keeps clothes clean, and comfortable feeling while working. Though aprons are not worn like other clothes even size is different. Some are knee down for large span kitchen area, and some are small and short in size. They might be used in small house kitchens. Aprons are available in all fit sizes. The strings and neck strap helps to make the apron lose or tight. There is a range of all physics and heights. 


Despite the functions, style does matter in every wear collection. An apron must have attractive looks while your chef uniform is beautiful. So there are different styles available in the market, the choice is your right. Some aprons are designed on order and their style looks the same part as of chef’s uniform. On the casual side, you can’t judge whether they are wearing an apron or not. Looking as a part of chef uniform they give a graceful view. This is the unique top style apron. They are special for the top-ranking chefs in the world.  


An apron testing goes through washing it again and again. They are made from thick fabric which makes them durable. Thin fabric professional chef aprons don’t last for long. 

Care and Maintenance

Aprons are made for caring and maintaining your clothes from oily stains. 

Neck Loop Bib Apron

A neck loop bib apron is normally used for restaurant kitchens where a chef wears an apron all day long. For the home kitchen attached strap apron is suitable. The neck loop can be adjusted according to your neck size. 

Luxe Chef Apron

This type of chef apron is long in size having a leather hook strap. They give extra coverage for the heightened chefs. Their fabric is heavy and stubborn. They are much heavier due to the thick leather neck string. 

Denim Apron

Denim is a highly thick fabric. Some aprons are made from them. They are less comfortable but not irritating. Because comfort is compulsory while you are at work. After repeated wash and wear the fabric starts becoming thin and they start looking older. Anyway, they are more durable like a hundred percent cotton apron. 

Water Resistivity

All sorts of aprons must be water-resistant, if not then they must not be worn at all. Because aprons are used to protect your cloth during working in the kitchen. Not only they can keep your clothes dry but also other food spots. 


Made with denim and natural cotton fibers pinafore are famous among the chef community. They look baggy and stiff in style. 

Linen Cross Work Apron

This type of apron is made from noticeable soft linen. That’s why it is considered rich and beautiful hues. Compared with simple linen pinafore, linen cross-work aprons are very delicate, thin, and soft in make. They look beautiful but are designed only in 8 and 10 sizes. 

Half apron

Half aprons are normally used in small coffee shops and bars. They are short in size and give less protection because the working area is very small. 

If you go on the cooking cloth rang you will see how important professional chef aprons are. Like all other clothes, they are made in printing and pain style with multi-color schemes. They are made with a different fabric for different sizes. The usage is the same for cloth coverage along with durability and comfort. The apron is a compulsory kitchen item, sometimes a kitchen contains two aprons at the same time as a sudden exchange with a neat one. Size is exactly the first preference and you give importance to the color, design, stuff, fabric, breathability, and comfort most importantly. So finally you can choose the best fit apron for your kitchen use. That suits your body, avoids stains, and looks good too. 

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