Mens Straight Flat Cut Soft Washed Trouser

Fabric GSM is between 195-320. This is heavily washed with silicon softner.

Style No: TGZ-WP-016
Fabric Composition: 100% Cotton, 65% Polyester 35% Cotton, As per requirements, Cotton Spandex
Size: XS-XXL [Customize Size or Asian, EU and USA Standard]
Color: Black, Blue, Gray, Navy, or As per Requirements, White
Label: Private Label Accepted
Print & Embroidery: As per requirements
MOQ: 1000 Pcs
Lead Time: 30-100 days based on order quantity
Shipment Term: FOB or CNF


These are straight cut pants outfit. Their bottom is flat cut. The fabric used for these trousers is soft and supple. These trousers are usually worn at homes by men. These can also be worn to gym, park, jogging etc. These straight flat cut trousers are very fashionable. Men are not very picky about their look. These trendy trousers will give a subtle fashionable look. But if you are, you must read the complete article.

Where to wear straight flat cut trousers?

Flat cut trousers are usually worn at home because they are very comfy. These are soft and cosy. If someone unexpectedly comes to your house, he will be impressed to see you dressed so fashionably even at home.

The straight flat cut trousers are very popular at gyms. Men who go for work out, wear these kind of trousers. If you do too, then you can wear this trouser at gym also. It is straight that is why it is also loose and easy. It can be your style statement at the gym. You can be the modern one there.

Looking modish and smart is everyone’s wish. The straight flat cut trouser gives you a unique and handsome look while playing. Wearing this trouser while doing sports is also a good choice. You can look great in this one and yet you would not be uncomfortable.

You must be aware that you are noticed by people when you are around them. While exercising in the parks, you are observed by other people. You can use flat cut trousers as track suit trouser also. Just wear it with a nice shirt or jacket and you track suit is ready. You can wear it while jogging or running.

How to Choose the Fabric?

The straight cut soft washed trousers are available in different fabrics. It depends upon you; which fabric do prefer to wear. It also depends which price suits you. The high quality fabric costs more than a normal fabric. The parachute fabric is the most popular fabric in these trousers. It is soft and very light in weight. It keeps the legs warm. Then there is cotton fabric which is a bit thicker but it is also cozy. Then jersey fabric is soft a bit cheaper than parachute and cotton. It is loose and stretchable. It is easy to wear. In gym you can look smart as well as fashionable. Wool fabric js also present in these trousers. If you are going to wear it in winter, then wool is better.

The Advantages of wearing Flat Cut Trousers:

There are many advantages of buying a flat cut soft washed trouser. That is the reason they are so popular over the globe. Men from every age, country and profession prefer to wear these trousers. Some of the advantages have been listed below. I hope this is going to motivate you to buy this trouser.

  • Endless Options

The markets are overflowing with the variety of flat cut trousers. There are endless Options for you to buy your favourite trouser. You can visit any big or small shop to search flat cut soft washed trousers. They can be found in variety of colours and sizes. You will never run out of options. There are different styles for these trousers. Short and long, with pockets, without pockets, with or without stripes etc. You can choose according to your taste in fashion.

  • Durable

The flat cut trousers have a very long life. If you buy one now, there are chances that it will be usable after a decade also. The durability of flat cut trousers is strong. Same workmanship is also popular for working trousers.

  • Stylish

Whether you wear these trousers at gym or at home, you are going to look very handsome. These flat cut trousers are very stylish. You can carry this look casually also. These trousers will always stand out.

  • Comfortable

Flat straight flat cut trousers are very comfortable to wear. That is why most sports persons and athletes prefer to wear these trousers.

  • Versatility

These trousers are popular because of their versatility. One time, you are wearing it at home, with a simple tee. The other moment, wear a jacket and you are good to go to a park or a mart. The trousers change your look when you change their look.

  • Worth the investment

If you buy a good quality straight flat cut trouser, the chances are that it is going to last for years and years. Its life is long. You would not have to spend on more trousers. When you change the upper, the outfit will give a different look. So, you have one trouser, and different outfits.

  • Hides stains

No one liked stained trousers even after wash. The straight cut pants outfit is mostly available in dark colours. So if you get any stain on it, while jogging, running or exercising, it would not be obvious and your trouser will be saved. That is one of its best qualities.

What should I wear with it?

When you buy a trouser, it is obvious that you would require a shirt with it. Here are some suggestions

You can wear casual round neck shirts, tees, track suit jacket, or polo shirt. All these kind of casual shirts would give it a nice trendy look. For footwear, you can choose to wear joggers or sneakers under it.

Men’s straight cut pants outfit is a trendy fashion for men. There are plenty of options for them to choose from. You can find these trouser in the market in many colors and sizes. Be careful about your size and the color you want to wear. You can pair up these trousers with nice and trendy tees for a proper dandy look. The benefits of picking the straight flat cut trousers are that they are durable, stylish, versatile and comfortable. There are endless options in these trousers. It is mostly dark in color. Which is why it Hides stains. Overall, this is a really sensible investment.