Men’s Short Sleeve Double Pocket Construction Work Shirts

We use 180-195GSM TC twill fabric for this style.

Style No: TGZ-WRS-002
Fabric Composition: 100% Cotton, 65% Polyester 35% Cotton, As per requirements
Size: XS-XXL [Customize Size or Asian, EU and USA Standard]
Color: Black, Blue, Gray, Navy, or As per Requirements
Label: Private Label Accepted
Print & Embroidery: As per requirements
MOQ: 1000 Pcs
Lead Time: 30-100 days based on order quantity
Shipment Term: FOB or CNF


Men’s short sleeve plastic button construction work shirts having double pockets start becoming during work nearly in 1920. Casual or dress shirts were not much support for these tough activities. They were made to easily work hard. The double pocket is a plus edge for the worker’s shirts. They can keep necessary stuff in their pockets means the stuff is in your hand. Their fabrication is the base of their durability. Like another fashion trend, they are also available in different colors and fabrics. You have to choose the shirt by understanding your work requirements.


Though they are with stiff fabric even then the comfort and breathability are the priority that is considered to buy a work shirt. Fabric is normally taken from 100% cotton and it is blended with other fabrics as well like elastin, polyester, and nylon. They are also available in fully cottoned fabric. Denim fabric is another famous construction work shirts. Denim work shirts are bought as cheap option. The polyester work shirts are not recommended to work near fireplaces like in some heat-generating factories. They are suffocated in such an atmosphere. Their breathability is not rich enough as compared to cotton or cotton blend. Cotton fiber has a quality to be softened after regular use. It is easy to use and its breathability is so high. Cotton fabric is a sign of comfort and durability. It maintains body temperature.

Sleeve Length

Work shirts have short sleeves but are not completely sleeveless. Full-length sleeve shirts are not easy to use at hard work. But again it depends on the work you do. Some workers use full sleeve shirts to work. But normally short sleeves are considered first. Long sleeves distract you to work freely. Especially if you work in the fields or a warehouse. Some working shirts can be used as casual. They have long but foldable sleeves. You can use them on weekend tours as well.


Work shirts containing plastic buttons have casual cuffs. It looks like a barrel-style cuff that gives you ease in your work. The full sleeves have proper cuffs with attached buttons, but the short sleeve doesn’t have buttons at cuffs. They are a few inches down to the shoulders. However, if you are going to get the work shirt don’t bother with the cuff but it is all about work necessities.


Work shirts are normally designed with plastic buttons. They either have buttons down to the collar or maybe flat with soft collars. If you use the flat collar work shirt you will be easier at work. Button-down collar shirts are perfect for the less tiring works. Cotton work polo shirts are another option of knitted collar.

Pocket Objectives

Pockets are as much necessary for the work shirts as they dress for humans. The work shirt pockets avoid you carry your tools in a separate bag. You can get small items in your pockets like your mobile, money, and cigarettes. These pockets are designed on the front end side of the shirt because is less movement area of the body. It also gives a beautiful style for the work shirt that brings an attractive look to your chest. The pocket dimensions make you look masculine which normal shirts don’t.

Types of Pocket

Reviewing the pocket types you have to consider the pocket shape and style. They give an eye-catching look to your body. Some work shirts are there with normal front pockets. But the flapped pockets are more attractive there you have the option to close your pocket with a button otherwise it is already flapped. With a buttoned flapped you can keep your belongings safer than ever. Some work shirts contain large types of pockets they are designed for the workplaces.


Seems to play a vital role in construction work shirts. It is a guarantee for the durability of the work shirt. Normally they must be thick and strong enough because they are used to working in hard conditions. Seems to give the work shirts a clean look. It seems to be accurate then you will feel free to your movements. Normally these work shirts are made from stiff fabric so the overclocked seems to help to maintain the durability.


The hemline is another important factor in men’s short sleeve plastic buttons with double-pocket work shirts. If the hemline is properly flat it will not disturb your work movement otherwise you will not feel free to move your arms.

Types Of Buttons

Buttons have countless varieties in the wear industry. You can get all types of buttons with multiple designs, styles, and fashions. Work shirts contain usually plastic buttons. Plastic buttons are easy to open and close instead of metal buttons, glass buttons, and real shell buttons.


The work shirts are normally four-needle stitched shirts. That makes them durable and able to work freely even when you are supposed to do some hard work. They are normally stitched with stiff thread and double stitching outside. Different stuff gives you comfort at a different level of your work. So properly stitched work shirts helps you move on to work, and you feel comfortable.

How To Select Work Shirts

How to select work shirts is not much difficult. As everyone knows what he wants. It depends on your work conditions and you choose work shirts with double pockets, plastic buttons, and properly stitched. It depends on whether you need large pockets or the normal one. How much stuff do you want to carry in your pockets at your work? You can use work shirts with jeans and trousers. The thickness should be on the first step while choosing construction work shirts, durability is another. But it is your work routine that agrees you select the perfect work shirt for you.

Finishing Details

Finishing details of the work shirts are consists of pockets types, pocket sizes, medium-sized plastic button, seem hemlines and stitching.

Like every fashion industry in the clothing world, there are multiple varieties of all types of shirts. Therefore the work shirts have also a vast range. Different type of works needs a different dress. The work shirts are durable and specially designed for the hard-working. Your needs make you a good selector for the work shirts in short.