Mens Vintage Army Military Printed Shorts

Fabric GSM is between 195-320. This is heavily washed with silicon softner. It has button opening and close bottom.

Style No: TGZ-S-005
Fabric Composition: 100% Cotton, 65% Polyester 35% Cotton, As per requirements, Cotton Spandex
Size: XS-XXL [Customize Size or Asian, EU and USA Standard]
Color: Black, Blue, Gray, Navy, or As per Requirements, White
Label: Private Label Accepted
Print & Embroidery: As per requirements
MOQ: 1000 Pcs
Lead Time: 30-100 days based on order quantity
Shipment Term: FOB or CNF


Planning on buying shorts? Do not worry. We are here to help you out. How about Men’s vintage military camouflage cargo shorts? If you are thinking why? I will surely tell you the reasons. First, let us learn about the history of this print.

When did this fashion become popular?

Since 1900s fashion has dramatically changed. It went to bell bottoms from Victorian style. The change in fashion is the reflection of change in the behavior of the society over the years. The military print, camouflage, became popular after WWII. In 1980s, this print emerged in fashion. Brands started making outfits in this print which were loved by the customers. The patriotism turned into fashion. This fashion became popular around the globe very quickly.

Why Men’s Vintage Army Military Printed Shorts?

Wearing men’s vintage camouflage printed silicon washed shorts, is the best summer look one can have. It gives a classy yet elegant appearance. It is comfortable and affordable. Some of the actors and models carry this look very well. Here are the reasons you should try this look.

  • Wearing military prints give you style

It had always been a cliché that you look stylish in royal and expensive attire. But not anymore. Now a days stylish people choose to wear comfortable and fashionable clothes. The army military print gives a really cool and attractive look.

  • Typical Utilitarian Details

The Utilitarian fashion is functional and is inspired by military. The shorts in vintage army military print are also known as camouflage shorts. They not only serve the purpose of clothing but are also convenient to wear and give a very fashionable look.

  • Truly Effortless Summer Look:

In Summer, days are quite long and hot. It is requiring a lot of effort to keep the look alive for a long period. That is why, shorts are the best choice to be worn in this weather. But simple shorts are not enough to look stylish. The army military camouflage print is the hack. This is a complete trendy summer look. Convenient and also smart. Now the question arises that how to carry this look perfectly? But do not worry we have a soldier that also.

  • Comfortable and Fashionable

The camouflage print of these shorts is a symbol of masculinity and strength. That means that they are already attractive. In Summer, one does not want to be over wrapped. The cargo shorts provide comfort and convenience. Therefore, these are a really good option.

How to Carry the Look?

Fashion is not easy. One has to see which look suits him the best. The army camouflage cargo shorts have many options to be worn with. You can decide according to your choice and built which one to try. Let us see what options we have to make this look even more appealing.

  • With Crew-Neck T-Shirt

Crew-neck T-shirts are a great option to wear with the army military shorts. Navy blue, camel, black and red colours in crew-neck t-shirts are amazing to be paired with the army military printed shorts. To complete the look, wear white or black sneakers.

  • With Burgundy Varsity Jacket

Burgundy itself is a very attractive colour. The military printed shorts will go amazingly perfect with burgundy varsity Jacket. The contrasting colours will be pleasing to the eyes. You can wear any light coloured shirt inside the jacket. For shoes, go for sneakers again.

  • With Long Sleeve Shirt

Any bright coloured long sleeve shirt, paired with camouflage shorts will be eye catching. To be specific, the best options are, black, red, dark blue and dark green. You can wear joggers or sneakers for completing the look.

  • With Vertical Stripped Long Shirt

It sounds like an odd choice but it is worth trying. Vertical stripped print is opposite to army military print. While designing fashionable clothes, designers really pay attention to the prints. They usually prefer to keep the contrasting prints together, one for top and another for bottom.  As per this theory, it is a very good option. Joggers or sneakers Will complement the look.

  • With Denim Jacket

Denim Jacket itself is a style statement. Paired with army military printed shorts, it will give a very classy look. Wear any bright coloured crew-neck shirt inside the jacket. White sneakers, loafers or joggers would rock the look.

  • With Black Polo Shirt

Polo shirts are trendy. They are very convenient in summer. The camouflage shorts and black polo shirt would really be a great combination. Not only in its style, but also in comfort. The look would be completed by wearing joggers, sneakers or loafers.

  • With Red Sweat Shirt

Red is such a bright and beautiful colour. This colour itself is a style statement. The military printed shorts are light in colour. When they will be paired with red sweat shirt, it will give a very attractive look. The sweat shirt can be plain or printed. Wear it with brown boots or white sneakers.

  • Camo-T Shirt

You can also combine the prints. Instead of trying it out with other prints, you can pair it with the same print. A camouflage T-shirt would also look stunning with these camouflage cargo shorts. Wear it with black sneakers or loafers to give it a complete outstanding look.


Change is the only constant thing in the world. The trends change from time to time. In one era, bell bottoms become a fashion. In another era, the same bell bottoms are considered to be out dated and old. But it a fact that fashion revolves and repeats after a decade or two. The army military print became famous in 1980s. It is a symbol of masculinity and strength, as it comes from military. The army military printed shorts are best for summer if you want to have a charming look along with comfort. There are various branded and non branded manufacturers of these shorts. You can find them anywhere very easily. There are hundreds of options to pair with these shorts. It is a tip for you to wear it with a bright or dark color to make the look more pleasing.