Mens Cotton Cargo Pockets Bermuda Shorts

Fabric GSM is between 195-320. This is heavily washed with silicon softner. This shorts has two box pockets.

Style No: TGZ-S-001
Fabric Composition: 100% Cotton, 65% Polyester 35% Cotton, As per requirements, Cotton Spandex
Size: XS-XXL [Customize Size or Asian, EU and USA Standard]
Color: Black, Blue, Gray, Navy, or As per Requirements, White
Label: Private Label Accepted
Print & Embroidery: As per requirements
MOQ: 1000 Pcs
Lead Time: 30-100 days based on order quantity
Shipment Term: FOB or CNF


Tex Garment Zone is a private label textile producer based in Bangladesh that provides clothing for men, women, boys, girls and children in all seasons in every style. Tex Garment Zone provides high-quality Mens Box Cargo Pockets Bermuda shorts  in a variety of styles at an affordable price. These Mens Box Cargo Pockets Bermuda shorts are best worn to prevent coldness, at the casual parties, in the gym, while playing indoor court games, and playing outdoor sports like football, basketball, and others. These Mens Cotton Cargo Pockets Bermuda shorts have a long lifespan, and they come in a variety of colors. There are also loose which increase comfort level.


Mens Box Cargo Pocket Bermuda Shorts, also known as stroll shorts or outfit shorts, are a form of short pants used by both men and women as semi-casual wear. The hem is about 1 inch (2.5 cm) above the knee and can be cuffed or uncuffed.

Mens Box Cargo Pocket Bermuda Shorts got their name from their usage in Bermuda, a British Autonomous Region, where they’re worn with knee-length socks, a suit jacket, tie, and coat and are considered decent business dress for males.

This is accurate. Bermuda shorts should not be mistaken with “capri pants,” which are shorts that reach underneath the knee. Cargo shorts are equal in shape to Bermuda shorts, although they are often loose and less “crafted,” and are therefore more characteristic of West Coast American fashion.


Because of their link to leisure and exotic holidays, Mens Box Cargo Pocket Bermuda Shorts is now a popular athletic product in the 1920s. Their moniker was most likely coined in the U. S. first By Bermuda Shop, a sportswear store in Nyc.

In 1948, Vogue coined the phrase “Bermuda shorts.” The surge in popularity of shorts corresponds to a larger acceptance of shorts as everyday attire.

In warm hot and arid climes, Bermuda shorts are preferred over the traditional bulkier clothes worn in Europe. Many companies in the Modern western world which have a smart casual attitude, particularly in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, allow this type of apparel in the hotter seasons.


Bermuda shorts resurfaced in appeal in the 1970s as a result of remarkable growth in 1950s fashion. Beginning in the early 1990s, they returned on the fields for a few decades. Throughout the mid-2000s, shorts were trendy among women and youths and even used as chef wears.

Bermuda shorts are worn by the Navy of the United Kingdom and the Royal Navy of Canada.



  • Tex Garment Zone made Mens Box Cargo Pocket Bermuda Shorts 100% cotton ,65% polyester 35% cotton as per requirement.This gives smooth texture and buyer feel comfortable wearing it.
  • These Mens Box Cargo Pocket Bermuda Shorts comes in different size ranging from extra small to extra large (XS-XXL) .
  • Tex Garment Zone also provide Bermuda shorts in different colors such as black, blue, grey, navy as well as white.
  • The minimum number of Mens Box Cargo Pocket Bermuda Shorts which buyer can order is 1000.
  • The lead time would be range from 30 days to 100 days.
  • The print and embroidery can be customized.
  • The shipping term would be FOB or CNF.