When people become bald due to severe hair fall problems, they feel shy in front of people and hide their heads by cap, hat, or something else. But now you need not be ashamed of this depravity anymore because Brazilian Natural Human Hair Wigs can help you conceal your baldness through natural hair like Hair Remy Toupee.

The human hairs are the essential factor of the human outfit, and without hair howsoever, you maintain your outfit; it still looks imperfect. But a hair wig can fulfill this depravity of not having hair.

This hair wig serves you like natural hair, like the hair of this wig can be dyed or bleached natural color (#1, #1B, 2#, 4#, or other colors) as per your desire.

As per your desire, these wigs offer you different types of hair textures like Small curls,25mm Curl, Jerry Curl, Kinky Curl, Afro Curl, Deep Wave, Loose Curl, Body Wave, Super wave, Water Wave, Wet and Wavy, etc.

Even in this hair wig, you can get the customized hair density, including a density range of 30%, 150%, 180%, and 250%. The length range of hair in the wig is from 8 inches to 24 inches. Else you can get different customized lengths as per your choice.

The soft, silky, and free tangling hair of this wig can easily be combed and turned into any hairstyle that you like. This natural hair, like the flexibility of wig hair, gives your head a natural appearance.

The ordinary hair wigs with low quality material, hardly last for 6 months. But this fantastic hair wig has two years’ lifetime assurance. The quality material used in the wig makes it last for maximum time.

For avoiding hair fall, the hair is firmly tied to hair cap and lace by handwork. This hand-made structure of wig increases wig life. A very soft and adjustable strip is fixed around the hair cap that fits all head sizes. The strip doesn’t hurt your head when you wear it.

You can comb your hair or naturally wash them. But before washing of combing your hair, you must follow some instructions. Like use a wide-tooth comb for dressing hair and wash hair in freshwater. If you want to apply any shampoo or conditioner, then first add the shampoo in warm water, then put hair wig in it, apply the condition, leave for 10 minutes and after 10 minutes, wash the wig.

Key Features

Clean and Odor-Free hair- The hairs in ordinary wigs become dirty and odorous with the passage of time. But this wonderful wig’s hairs remain clean, healthy, lice-free, and makes no smell throughout their lifetime.

Customized Head-size- The size of this hair wig is fully able to be customized. You can quickly get the toupee as per your head size.

Firm Attachment with Head- The adjustable band, elastic lace, and durable comb in the wig keep the wig firmly attached to your head. The wig will never be detached from the head even in a very swift wind.