Ladies Slim Fit Legging Trouser Cotton

Style No: TGZ-LG-002
Fabric Composition: 100% Cotton, 100% Polyester, As per requirements, Cotton Spandex, Poly Amide, Poly Spandex
Size: XS-XXL [Customize Size or Asian, EU and USA Standard]
Color: Black, Blue, Gray, Navy, or As per Requirements, White
Label: Private Label Accepted
Print & Embroidery: As per requirements
MOQ: 1000 Pcs
Lead Time: 30-100 days based on order quantity
Shipment Term: FOB or CNF


What are comfortable feelings after wearing casualwear can be better explained by women and their responses sound like Leggings? Cotton legging trousers are very famous in the sense of comfort from the decade of 80’s so on, and appeal to almost all age groups. You can say easily that this legging is a breathable, comfortable, and cozy invention by humanity while using inside or outside the home. Cotton leggings are the epitomes of feeling yourself as easy as women want to be. These cotton leggings are known for their comfortability, breathability, and softness. Cotton is a natural type of fiber that is a guarantee of comfort wear for many hours even. These ladies jeggings trousers are equally popular everywhere in the world of the women’s wear industry. It is now as common as an official acceptable dress too. It looks like an ankle-length fit and that is the beauty of cotton leggings.

When women say some fabric ultra-soft means cotton leggings. These cotton-made skinny legging pants are available in multiple designs, colors, and ranges with legs long size and nifty cotton waistband make it luxurious. Legging cotton trousers have four-way stretch fabric to make them wear smooth and moderated impact for all activities. It is also used for yoga and gym wear with lush leggings of cotton which keeps you relaxed all day long. There are some leggings are available with pockets specially designed for on-to-go women. These rich cotton fabric leggings are easily washable. The maximum cotton proportion keeps you airy that’s why you feel dry and cool during supports time or relaxed. The stuff keeps you away from moisture and odors.


What to consider when choosing the cotton ladies jeggings


Cotton is not 100% stretchable fabric. It has a little flexibility in it, so basically, the blend of fabrication makes 100% cotton slightly sticky but breathable. A modest percentage of 5 to 10% blend of any flexible fabric with cotton constructs the ladies jeggings admirable, and flexible. For the best possible fit, you have to ensure a cotton blend before you buy.

Waist String

Well, waist string is another important part of the legging or ladies wide leg trouser. It contains lightweight that doesn’t load your waist. So you feel easy. The waistband relaxes your waist because of its appreciating shape. It provides confining and comfy support to your waist, belly and keeps you shape up well.


While selecting ladies jeggings you must check the capacity of the product when exposed to stretch, so generally, they should be stretchable. However if the fabric blend is highly rich with cotton and some other fabric mixture, it will be easier to use. Finally, you can select the cotton fleece legging as your choice of comfort. More the flexible capacity is high more you relax.


The second most significant point after capacity is breathability which can stick you or away from cotton legging selection. Being natural fabric cotton is always so airy, which doesn’t tighten your body or suffocate feelings. It gets enough airflow which avoids sweat. The blended cotton leggings are a plus point again it is stretchy and breathable. Breathability has always space for its various designs and styles whether you select meshwork, cutouts, and Capri stretches range.

Seems Must Be Flat and Locked

Seems inside the garment must be sitting flat. It will not only smash up but also irritate your skin, and you want not to be uncomfortable. So in-short before buying get the inside out and check that the in-seems are aligned properly.


It is a diamond shape fabric piece that is stitched inside the curved area of cotton leggings. The purpose is ultimately irritation-free soft leggings. It gives support to the backside edge and avoids the ladies jeggings becoming like a toe. It gives durable support. Some brands don’t combine the inside curves to make the legging extra starchiest. However, if you do have not much experience even then check the leggings inside because this attached fabric makes legging curves more flexible.


What Is a Suitable Combination with Cotton Leggings?

Classic Denim Jackets

Denim jackets look attractive with cotton leggings. Denim colors normally suit all legging colors. The combination will be ever-lasting no matter what fashion style is going on.

Shoulder Tops

It also looks out-fit and simple. Slightly shoulder topped gives a uniform look and attracts with ladies jeggings. Especially, when you use some sort of heavy sneakers.

Comfy Sweatshirts

When you want to look casual, lightweight sweatshirts can be used with cotton leggings. It looks comfortable and you feel relaxed. So getting complete you can wear shoes with cotton leggings and comfy sweatshirts to easily go anywhere you want. This combination makes a dress that appeals to the viewers. You must not wait till the winter season goes off even you can try it before. Just use some thick fabric sweatshirt with cotton leggings.

Plus-Sized Tees

Tee shirts that look plus-size make an outstanding combination with leggings. An over-size tee shirt with extra stretchable leggings helps you to win people’s opinions. Women seem admirable with these casual styles.

Pretty Tops

In the summers wear pretty long tops with cotton leggings in brighter colors. This dress combination is perfect for the occasions like picnics, birthday parties, or some musical events as well. For making the combination more noticeable. Put on printed scarf according to the seasonal requirement. These casual or street styles have become famous among the millions of influencers and followers on different social media channels.

At present, nobody can refuse the importance of leggings. In short, if it is said that the current age is the age of leggings won’t be wrong. Fashionistas nowadays are giving priority to the comfortability of dress and style. A dress with a completely good-looking style is commonly acceptable, which also gives you sentiments. Where you feel relaxed and others feel it a fashion. Keep yourself glorious and comfortable. The legging style dressing entirely changed the wear industry and this tendency will never be stopped. Another important thing about leggings is, it suits all kind of tops casual or professional.