Ladies Singlet Tank Top Camisole Printed

Style No: TGZ-ST-002
Fabric Composition: 100% Cotton
Size: XS-XXL [Customize Size or Asian, EU and USA Standard]
Color: Black, Blue, Gray, Navy, or As per Requirements, White
Label: Private Label Accepted
Print & Embroidery: As per requirements
MOQ: 1000 Pcs
Lead Time: 30-100 days based on order quantity
Shipment Term: FOB or CNF


Ladies camisole tops printed and singlet tank top is one of the ladies favorite garment during the summer specially. They look so cool and versatile. But what is best for to wear? Camisole or singlet tank top. Let’s know the difference.

Singlet tank top and camisole are made of different fabrics that is the main difference between these two ladies wear. Camisoles are exquisite type of garments decorated with lace, jacket, and shirts. They are made with imaginable soft silk fabric. On the other hand tank tops are made with stiff fabric like poly cotton having higher straps. They are used solely or under the shirt. Both are different in fabrication and style.

Comparison between tank top and camisole

At a glance both garments look like same. Both are designed to wear on top in warm seasons. The material is the only difference from what they are made of. Tank tops can be worn by ladies and gents but camisoles are used as under shirt garment by women. It creates modesty under shirts. Tank tops are sleeveless casual t-shirts similar, worn by men, women, and children.

What Is Called Camisole?

Women use camisole as a modest garment. They are worn under jackets and other tops. They contain straps with minimum body support.

Camisoles are a lingerie kind of item. It is made from thin and low weight fabric with body fit style. Finally camisole alternates blouses in a fashionable way.

Working women started camisole as an under suit for their offices. In summer days it is worn as a cooling top which is embellished with bows and lace. It is a replacement of frilled cotton t-shirts.

What Is Called Tank Top?

Similar to t-shirt ladies singlet tank tops are sleeveless garment. It is worn by both genders. It is made of cotton and polyester blended cotton. It is known for durability. Tank tops are ideally fit for casual and supports wear. It fully covers body top. It also began to start swimming.

Tank tops are used by men and women as a substitute of t-shirts. It became a fashion icon whether fit or loose. Tank tops are a sign of beauty and comfort.

Difference Between Tank Tops and Camisoles

Although the appearance look similar but tank tops and camisoles are different garments. The first one is a stiff garment an ideal for supports and casual events and the second one is a delicate type of lingerie.

Let’s find out the characteristics of these garments and identify that which one suits your body.


Both are designed sleeve and collarless to be worn as a top on half the body. Style is one of the differentiating factor. Tank tops are designed as lose fittings while camisoles can be figure fit.

Ladies camisole tops are normally solid color with formal appearance. They have thin adjustable straps. It adds comfort and support for wearers.

The other way round tank tops are normally made of knitted fabric. They stick to the body. Their straps are the inner part of the manufacturing that are not adjustable.

Tanks tops are also used for gym to make your muscles more prominent whether lose or tight in form.


Manufacturing material is the major difference. Tank tops are made with cotton and poly cotton fabric. It is stiff in nature. It is stronger and durable than camisoles.

Tank tops are equally famous among men and women. The fabric is used for these garments is of unisex nature that appeals both men and women clothing.

Camisoles are made with silk, polyester, and nylon. Its feminine look gives more romantic feelings. It is also a feeling of luxurious under garment.

Camisoles are used by the women only, so the fabric is soft and slinky.


Strap size is another obvious difference between camisoles and tank tops. Tank tops don’t have straps as such because they are stitched with the garment. It looks part of bodice like a sleeveless t-shirt. The straps are the integral part of tank tops.

Camisoles have light weight thin like spaghetti straps. They are designed to be as small as it can be. They are easy to hide and adjustable. Camisole straps don’t fully cover the bra straps. Better to have tank top that provides better coverage.


Tank tops and ladies camisole tops are similar in use. They can also be used as a half top of a pajama set commonly in summers. These ladies singlet printed camisoles and tank tops are used for you ease. Camisoles may be used for fancy look outside the home while tank tops are ideal as sleep wear for both boys and girls.

Camisoles are used by women under the jacket while tank tops are used by men under shirts where a collar top is necessary.


Though there is different price range according to the fabrication used for. A camisole which is made with pure silk might cost you a lot as compare the poly cotton blended. Camisoles normally aim the women that may be expensive rather than a plain tank tops. Tank tops are fashionably useful and can be marketed to men and women. As a whole tank tops are cheaper wardrobe selection.

Which One Is Better? Camisoles Or Tank Tops?

Where both garment interchangeably same, knowing which one is a better choice. It is all about your personal interests and style preferences. Camisoles are not for everyone as they are specially designed for women. But if you are a male then a tank top is a better selection for you.

Both styles can lift the office requirements. Finally it depends on the needs that where camisoles or tank tops are required.

Tank tops and ladies camisole tops are the pretty selection according to the occasions. They have a lot of common attributes. You may feel one better than other as per your choice of an event. But still it is up to you what you choice for yourself. Women have options to use both the camisoles and tank tops. But men will prefer tank tops. Camisoles are specially recommended for ladies but men only use tank tops. Finally it depends on your sense of selection that what to go for camisoles or tank tops.

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