• 100% cotton enriched
  • Solid color
  • Available GSM – 180 to 240 GSM
  • Bio wash
  • Well stitched
  • Thick Pick
  • Long-lasting color
  • Pocket dyed with the same fabric color
  • Cheap blank t-shirt price in bangladesh

Fabric Used in the T-shirt:

  • This stylish T-shirt is made of 100% pure cotton material. That’s why this shirt lasts more than other ordinary T-shirts. The shining and texture of these T-shirts persist throughout the life of this T-shirt.
  • The fabric used around the neck and other seams of this shirt are soft and smooth. The tightly held elastic band may produce stitch tension that can cause puckering. But soft fabric in this shirt avoids puckering.


  • Men often get confused in opting for the best variety of T-shirts. While purchasing a T-shirt, they consider both the quality and its fashionable look. This is men’s best Round Neck Blank T-Shirt that includes all those qualities that men want in a T-shirt.
  • For the best appearance of the shirt, the seams of the shirt are the significant parts to make the shirt fit your body. The seams of the shirt must not be loose to your body. The unexpected shifting of seams from their actual positions makes your appearance weird.
  • In most low-quality T-shirts, the raw edges get uncovered after the first wash, and the stitches of the seam become visible. But the raw edges of this shirt are so tightly locked that the edges remain concealed throughout the T-shirt’s life.
  • The pocket of the T-shirt is dyed with the same color that is dyed to body color. So the colors of pocket and other parts of shirt are never distinguishable after even many washes. The issue of difference in the color of T-shirt parts happens mostly in the local shirts. For this reason, blank t-shirt price in bangladesh can be high sometimes.
  • So don’t look here and there for the best quality and fashionable T-shirt that can perfectly fit your body structure and size. Just bring this outstanding T-shirt and further enhance your appearance through its best style and high quality.

Key Features:

  • Anti-Wrinkle: When this shirt is worn on the body, it doesn’t produce unflattering waves or wrinkles. Such an issue of waves happens due to over-stretching during the sewing process. So now you don’t need to iron your shirt again and again.
  • Carefully Stitched: This shirt is entirely knitted and avoids the skipped stitches problem that mostly happened due to the failure of the stitches formation process. So the unhooked threads do not float on the top of the shirt’s fabric, as they may give an unpleasant appearance to you.
  • Uniform Color: This T-shirt ensures you its uniform color in all parts, whether sleeves or main body part. In ordinary T-shirts, we often find variation in the color of different parts, especially after the first wash. We see the same color in the whole shirt even after the 10th


  • Long-Lasting
  • Extra Shining texture
  • Uses soft elastic bands
  • Soft and Smooth

Washing Instructions:

  • For maintaining the quality and shining of this T-shirt throughout its life, you must use some high-quality washing powders and other agents that may not cause harm to the color, shining, and durability of this T-shirt. The local bleaching agents can harm the T-shirt just how it harms school sweater.