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Clothes made from fabrics like cotton, wool, rayon, polyester, silk etc are pretty much known by everybody, but have you ever wondered what fabric are scuba diving suits made from, or what is suede? I am sure you don’t. So here are some other clothing fabrics you should know about. Also you visit this to find organic garments manufacturers bangladesh

  • Suede –

It is a type of fuzzy leather with a napped finish used for making jackets, shoes, purses, furniture etc. If you have seen shoes worn by cowboys in any movie that have a wooden look to it, then it is probably made from suede.

  • Spandex –

Spandex is also known as Elastane fabric or Lycra, it is a synthetic fibre which is well known for its elasticity. They are used in making of underwear, swimwear, bodysuits, leggings, skinny jeans, yoga pants etc.

  • Mohair –

I am guessing you all have heard about pretty popular mohair sweaters. But do you know what is mohair made out of? It is a silk-like fabric made from Angora goats and has high sheen and lustre, but unfortunately, Angora goats are killed for this fabric.

  • Lyocell –

The best thing about lyocell is that it is a biodegradable fabric which can be dyed to any colour, pretty cool right. But what is lyocell fabric made from? It is a fabric made from natural cellulose found in wood pulp.

You all know about modal fabric, but do you know about micro modal fabrics. It is a semi-synthetic super soft fibre with denser concentration, used in making underwear with spandex, and cotton. Many swimwear manufacturers use micro modal fabric to make swimwear.

  • Scuba fabric –

Scuba material or scuba fabric is a fashion version of neoprene which is a family of synthetic rubbers. Scuba fabric is used to make scuba diving clothes, the downside of this fabric is that it adheres to the skin and doesn’t absorb moisture, they are also used in making tight leather clothes and bodysuits.

  • Bamboo fabric –

Bamboo fabric is a fabric made from bamboo which is just as soft as natural silk, with properties such as anti-bacterial, insulating, and sweat absorbent present. But the best thing about bamboo fabric is that it is easy to produce and cheaper compared to silk. They are increasingly being used as a substitute fabric for silk. Also this fabric is likely used as sustainable textile.

  • Taffeta –

What is taffeta? It sounds like some food but it’s a fibre made from silk as well as acetate or polyester, this is a crisp, smooth plain-woven fabric. Taffeta is used in high-end garments such as gowns, wedding dresses etc.

These were some of the clothing fabrics that are used in making different clothes that people don’t know about, but they are just as important as the others.