promote new clothing brands fashion shirts supply 1024x670 - 8 Best Ways You Can Promote Your New Clothing Brand Online

Finding your way in the hyper-competitive world of fashion is not easy, especially if you neglect the essential step of promoting your new clothing brand online. In the end, there is no secret. The key to success lies in regular and careful work. If you want to succeed in your communication and increase your sales, these tips will be formidable tools for you and your clothing brand:

Social networks

It is one of the main promotion vectors for a fashion brand that is launching in any countries like Belgium, Poland, Russia or Spain. It’s free, and it can reach almost all humans on the planet!

Promoting your new clothing brand online on social media is not that complicated, but there are codes to follow. Each social network being different, you cannot (unfortunately) post the same content everywhere, otherwise your efforts will be nullified. You also need find clothing manufacturers for small businesses.

Press relations

You may think that press relations are reserved for major brands. Not at all! And it is without doubt the best investment you could make to promote your new clothing brand online.

Journalists are always on the lookout for news to present to their readers/viewers. And you cannot imagine the number of media that exist, in which your brand could have a good place. The only condition is to have a good story to tell. It’s the advantage of having a good storytelling.


It is one of the methods that works best. Rather than promoting your new clothing brand online on the basis of your own community, you will appeal to influencers. These are social media professionals who monetize their audience.

It is an extremely effective method of directly reaching your target, through an intermediary who knows exactly how to sell your product to its audience. Popular people on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube retain an audience that considers them as trusted people. It will be a good idea to find products from organic clothing wholesale suppliers to attract influencers.

Directories and Forums

Think of social networks for your promotion! Another tip that always works is to register your clothing brand on thematic directories or even general directories. Generally, it’s a free action, so it’s a great boon to promote your brand of clothing or accessories.

Take quality promotional photos to promote online clothing sales

Photography inspires a lot of people on the internet, whether in an artistic or more commercial form. Marketing professionals are aware of this and rely heavily on photography to promote their products.

Promoting clothing online does not necessarily require a great artistic sense or an advanced mastery of photography. You just have to choose the right decor, be in the right style and choose the right lighting. Many people take their photos in a well-lit room or clean space near a window.

Design a useful and easy to use web page

Although the website should look professional and reflect the brand of your online clothing business, you should never overlook that it is easy to use. Getting customers to trust the website and not find obstacles in browsing will be essential to retain them.

Organize a photo contest

The photo contests in which, for example, users have to propose outfits, are widely used in a while. You can use this resource that we know works but raise it in a new way.

If you want to bring potential customers to your points of sale, suggest that they choose clothes from your stores and take a photo in the fitting rooms with the chosen clothes. You can offer as a prize, that the users who are winners can take the look they have chosen for free.

Offer a discount on the purchase

Every day more clothing brands have online stores so that users can make their purchases without having to move. Promotions that affect the price are always effective. It can also be done by organic clothing wholesale suppliers.

The fact of offering promotional codes through social networks, which allow users to obtain a discount on the purchase, is a resource used to offer fans or followers of a brand in social networks an added value, and that can assist in loyalty. In addition, it is a good option to increase sales in a specific period. Sell ​​with less margin, but more quantity.