The print is an enchantment expression of style all through the world, particularly among the young people and ladies wear like womens pyjamas. Printing is completed for creating eye-infectious, popular, alongside imagining the persona of the wearer, by giving plans on texture or different materials. Furthermore, individuals need light and comfortable quality print in parallel with interesting structure or frivolity connected on the article of clothing.

In the creation procedure of materials, the printing of examples and plans comes fairly in the last stages. The printing procedure when you read about it is straightforward enough – colors or pigments are utilized to make those patterns. In any case, to make them stick there, independently without a wreck, yard after yard – that is the troublesome part.

printed tshirt shirt trousers manufacturers suppliers bangladesh - How to choose soft and comfortable quality print for clothes

The meaning of soft quality print

There are diverse quality/technique print that makes the print soft and light. Likewise, every quality has some confinement when imprinted on an alternate kind of texture or shaded texture.

Some print is appropriate on a white ground, opposite on the hued ground may not be great. A few textiles are not reasonable for a wide range of ink, which requires extra synthetic substances, making the print procedure longer and entangled. On the other hands, some prints can’t appropriate on dark colored fabric but quality of that particular printed fabric will be soft. You may wonder there are few dog cloth manufacturers in Bangladesh who are advised by customers to delivery soft printed clothes.

Types of print for comfortable quality

The interest of comfortable quality print is snowballing step by step in the clothing showcase. Be that as it may, not all the scope of dyes and substance ensure delicate print on textures. Some shading can dissolve on the textile of womens pyjamas, some can burn the tone out, and some can make a slight layer on the texture for thinner print.

So this involves print master, to draw out the soft print by applying adaptable methods, guaranteeing premium quality. There are some print qualities that can make the print delicate and can guarantee immaculate quality. Examined underneath are some top case of delicate print.

Discharge Printing

Discharge Printing is a printing on dyed fabric, this method uses destroying agents such as chlorine or hydrosulfide to destroy dyes on the textile and makes nice and colorful print on it. This type of printing has capacity to make bright, dense on dark fabrics. Then the printed fabric is steamed and washed thoroughly.


  • Soft hand feels even on the distinctive dull shading.
  • On dark shading, fabric print looks great due to release quality.
  • Softer than pigment print having good color fastness property.
  • This printing can be more attractive on slab fabric.


  • Garment washing is required to remove the bad smell from discharge printed clothes. Garment wash will increase production cost as well as extra fabric needed for washing purpose.
  • Print needs dischargeable dyed fabric.
  • All the colors are not dischargeable to dye. For example, greenish-blue color cannot be dischargeable in fabric dye. Without discharge dye on the fabric, discharge print is not application.
  • Special chemical is required to do white discharge print.

Pigment Printing:

  1. Water base pigment print: Water base color is a sort of powder that must be blended with water to get colors. The powder comes in different colors various shades of each shading can get by sum the water blended in the powder. During the blending there is probability for residue molecule to get into it since the misunderstanding makes a delicate glue then the residue particles can be dried out effectively. Water base pigments are the biggest larger part of pigment used today. It gives quality and enduring print on womens pyjamas.
  2. Oil base pigment print: Oil based color printing gives fine and quality prints and the print made on any fabrics can be dried out rapidly. The color comes oil based and measure of shades can be increments by added additives. The various colors can get by including white oil shades into the colored pigment. The added substance is mostly used to expand the sum without ruining the shading tone.


  • Easy to get any kinds of design.
  • Pigment print is easy to be done on a white fabric.
  • CMYK or process print can be used easily.
  • Cost of print is less in comparison to other print types.


  • Pigment print is good in knit fabrics.
  • Pigment print is not good in darker colored fabrics.

Reactive Printing:

Here fabric will printed on rotary machine by using reactive colors. These color particles have a tendency to penetrate well into fiber structure. So this print is directly applied on RFD fabric. Fabric will be processed till RFD stage and this RFD process will include desizing/singeing/mercerizing. Controlled steaming will ensure better fastness of color. Washing is required to remove residual color from the surface of printed fabric and after washing fabric will be being passed through stenter machine with softener. Sanforising is required to control the final shrinkage of fabric. Chefs Baggy pants sometimes have logo prints in this method.


  • Fabric dying cost will be saved as printing will be done on RFD fabric.
  • Color fastness is good.
  • Good handfeel and color quality.


  • After print, fabric treatment is very important for good color fastness.
  • Percentage of wastage fabric will be high if color of prints can’t come by one chance.
  • This printing method is bit costly.
  • Only experienced people can handle this printing method and need spacious area to set up.

Sublimation transfer printing:

  • This method requires a sublimation dye which is transferred to the fabric with temperature. We need inkjet or colour laser printer, sublimation ink and a heat press machine for this printing technique
  • This method is definitely costlier than the thermal transfer method as the ink is very costly. But the quality of prints is very bright and beautiful. Also it gives soft handfeel on synthetic fabrics.
  • The main disadvantage of this method is not to be done on 100% Cotton fabric. This method is best for 100% Polyester fabric which is good textile for womens pyjamas.

How to understand the soft and comfortable print quality

  • No layer of print will be seen when touched
  • Good breathability of fabric in the print area
  • Print that penetrates the fiber
  • Wash can make the print softer and more comfortable.

In conclusion, soft print quality has high demand for kids and ladies brands. But this is not always easy to apply all print methods on all fabrics. Health hazardous matter is getting more concern in using any types of print color and chemical. Most of the cultural clothing producers are asked for comfortable and colorful dresses. Besides all, experiment is going on to find more effective colors and chemicals that can give a solution of soft and comfortable print on womens pyjamas with better color fastness and free of hazardous.