best clothing production factories in Bangladesh - Get Your Products Done From The Best Clothing Production Factories in Bangladesh

Among all the clothing production factories in Bangladesh, Tex Garment Zone by far the best clothing production factories in Bangladesh. There are quite a lot of reasons for Tex Garment Zone to be the best clothing production factories in Bangladesh. But before going to the reasons, let’s get to know more about the company that is the best clothing manufacturers in Bangladesh.

Tex Garment Zone

Tex Garment Zone has been providing the world with a lot of different types of clothing product that excels in quality and beats any manufacturers in Bangladesh with the price. It has started its mission for quite a while and has already created a number of satisfied customers. With the increasing number of clients, Tex Garment Zone is also improving its style of producing clothing apparel and other home textile products. Currently it is serving overseas. Netherlands, denmark, Germany, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, Japan are the top countries where Tex Garment Zone is providing their supreme quality clothing apparel produced.

Tex Garment Zone has made three things as their hallmark. Those are high quality production, best price and payment option and the best overall service and deliveries. Their clothing production factories in Bangladesh works for maintaining the high quality service. It takes account of the raw materials, production process and inspection issues. They also make sure that the quality of the environment and the quality of employees are up to the mark. For the best price and payment option, this company with amazing experiences follows a systematic process that is customer friendly. Their business process tries consult and suggest the best method of payment that will ensure a reduced price. At the same time, we can also manage the payment method that our customer prefers. Finally, for the third identitate hallmark that makes this company with the best clothing production factories in Bangladesh brilliant is that our smooth delivery and overall service. In order to maintain a high level of service we try to make things convenient for the customer. For this, we have a strong management system. But for our superior service, the giant credit goes to the dedicated team that this company has.

Our Clothing Production Factories

There is no doubt that this company has an incredible vision and the goodwill to provide ultimate service. But as one of the best clothing production factories in Bangladesh, they have done a few incredible job in their factory side.

Production Capacity

Clothing production factories in Bangladesh complete a lot of orders in every every month. This is why it is important for these clothing production factories in Bangladesh to have a large production capacity. With a view to producing a lot clothing apparel products in numbers and variation, Tex Garment Zone has clothing production factories in Bangladesh that can produce different types of products at a large scale. They can produce different types of clothing apparels like T-Shirts, shirts, trousers, uniform, innerwear, workwear, sweater and jackets etc. These products has different levels of production capacity. But the highest amount of product that these clothing production factories in Bangladesh by Tex Garment Zone is T-shirt. We can produce up to 600k t-shirt every month. With the capacity amount of T-shirt, this company can produce a large amount of shirts as well. This company produces almost 400k shirts every month. Even for a heavy product like jackets, the clothing production factories in Bangladesh by Tex Garment Zone can produce more than 100k jackets a month. So, the production capacity of these factories in Bangladesh by Tex Garment Zone has huge potential.

Audited and Certified

Tex Garment Zone is audited by large audit corporation and certified by them. These facilities in Bangladesh not only maintains all the legal, environmental, ethical, social compliances but also achieved

Tex Garment Zone maintains a standard work environment. For its excellent discipline and work, its clothing production factories in Bangladesh has earned a lot of certification from reputed organizations. Here are a few of the certification mentioned.


Here child labor is strictly prohibited. Any sort of forced labor or harassment in the workplace is rigorously monitored. All sort of health and safety issues are provided. Thus, Tex Garment Zone has earned WRAP certification for its outstanding management in garments production factories in Bangladesh.


In the RMG sector of Bangladesh, major accident are commonly faced. This is why we have taken measures against it and established our project with proper measures. This is why we were able to earn a certificate by ACCORD.


It is a must for us to ensure the quality of the product. This is why from raw materials acquisition to production and delivery we maintain our utmost service. For this reason, we were rewarded with OEKO-TEX certificate.


Our factories also work for empowering employees so that they can provide more to the country’s economy. With it, Tex Garment Zone also focuses on improving the work safety among the workers of the organization. For such efforts, our factories have earned certificate from Alliance auditing organization.

These are the reasons for which Tex Garment Zone has been excelling at a great speed. We focus on providing the best service possible for our clients from abroad. So, for the companies that want their products to be made from a good manufacturer , they can contact Tex Garment Zone. Because, you will never find a better service than from us. Contact us because we would love to help you out.