Bangladesh is known for its tradition and diversification in its culture. Every culture has its own traditions and form of rituals. In these rituals and traditions, dress code plays a significant role to make these cultures more beautiful and colorful. Dress manufacturers in Bangladesh enjoy there work and the business they are into along with the garment suppliers as they go hand in hand with blouse manufacturers. There is a mass produce clothes with goes with the culture of every different state every different city and every different district.

made in bangladesh clothing dress factories manufacturers - Bangladesh’ competition with International market

Most of the clothing production factories are there to study what people around their factory or their region needs. Dress manufacturers also enjoy the same freedom of collecting people’s view on any dress code or the type of a particular kind of dress is in demand.

International level of competition.

Dress manufacturers all around the world are getting back to their roots and somehow they are adopting the Bangladesh style of dressings. Clothing production factories are also demanding the kind of designs which are somewhat related to Bangladesh styling of costumes. They are looking at the ancient style of dressing in Bangladesh and making them according to the latest fashion which gives them Indo look. Also, garment suppliers are demanding the same dresses and as people internationally demand. The demand of lehengas are in fashion again but with western touch in them. Mass produced clothes are there to be weaved in style connecting ancient style with the flavor of western in them. Bangladesh, now have to compete with the international market in its dressing style also as Bangladesh garment suppliers are having a great competition in its international market as well. Blouse manufacturers manufacturers who before this competition has no one of their styles, now have competition on an international level. Clothing production factories of Bangladesh are now concerned about the existing fashion they are doing business with as new competition brings new challenges with the modernization in styling and fashion also.

Effect on production and designs.

Clothing production factories now have a concern about the fashion they were dealing with as internationally they had the monopoly to sell Bangladeshi dresses but now their products and designs are affected by reforming competition. Now blouse manufacturers are looking for fresh design on which they can make their money and can rely. So by these garment suppliers are also got alerted that they have to work hard on the responsibility they gave for their business to lead in the competition.