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Tex GarmentZone

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Tex Garment Zone makes all sorts of knit garments for men and women in Bangladesh. We are the leading clothing manufacturer in Bangladesh and best of all other apparel suppliers, sourcing, buying agents and clothing exporters in Bangladesh.We are ready to supply any knit product of any style,color,size and specification.In this field we have a superior experience. We never compromise with the quality that may be your first demand. Fashion and Tex Garment Zone goes simultaneously. Our best fit mens and women garments will give you an excellent comfort. Our main products include all kinds of t-shirt, tank top, polo shirt, pajama, sweatshirt, fleece hoody, jackets, singlet, babies wear, Mens Boxer, Brief, Ladies Underwear, ladies nightwear, sleeping wear, beach wear, summer wears, winter wears and many more readymade garments. Lot of exporter, manufacturers(producers) are joined with us who have been supplying for long time. We work in five t-shirt factory. Each FACTORY is well set up with sufficient facilities. 


Key features of our women Knitwear: Excellent fabric, Finest Printing, Best fit, Handsome looking, Attracting Finishing, Finally, long term Durability.

You can say us a specialist maker of knitwear products in Bangladesh. We believe we are exclusive as we manufacture exclusive products for our customers.
We have made an extra good will be making knitwear for men. We make your fashion in our factory according to your mental satisfaction. These products are durable. We are ready to supply any knitwear product of any style, color, size and specification specially t-shirts. Our best fit men garment will give you an excellent comfort Fashion and simultaneously. So we have been one leading clothing supplier and exporter in Bangladesh 

We are strong in medium to high quality products with sophisticated design, fancy washing and printing (including digital printing) at competitive prices. Enzyme wash, silicon wash, tie-and-dye, dip-dye, pigment-dye, discharge dye and embroidery techniques are widely applied on our apparel products, which have earned a high reputation from our customers over the world.

Key features of our men Knitwear:
• Excellent Fabric
• Handsome looking
• Attractive finishing and sewing quality
• Finally, long-term durability










Ladies Slim Fit Printed T-shirt

Ladies Chest Print Tee Shirt
Style# TGZ- 10001

 Mens Logo Printed T-shirt

Mens Basic Tshirt
Style# TGZ- 10002
Mens Fashion T-shirt

Boys Printed Tshirt
Style# TGZ- 10003
Ladies Polo shirt

Ladies Polo Shirt
Style# TGZ- 10004

Mens Fashion T-shirt 

Long Sleeve V-neck Tee
Style# TGZ- 10005

Mens Yarn Dyed Pique Polo

Yarn Dyed Stripe Polo
Style# TGZ- 10006

Mens Printed T-shirt 

Men Fashion Tee Shirt
Style# TGZ- 10034

Mens Fashion Tee Shirt 

Men Fashion T-shirts
Style# TGZ- 10035

 Mens Basic T-shirt

Basic Yellow T-shirt
Style# TGZ- 10036

Mens Dry Fit Tshirt 

Mens Dry Fit Tshirt
Style# TGZ- 10037

Plain Black Polo Shirt

Plain Black Polo Shirt
Style# TGZ- 10038

Kids Polo

Kids Polo Shirt
Style# TGZ- 10039


Mens Elastic Boxer/Brief
Style# TGZ- 10040


Mens Printed Boxer
Style# TGZ- 10041


Mens Basic Elastic Brief
Style# TGZ- 10042

Ladies Short Sleeve Printed T-shirt Bangladesh

  Ladies S/S Printed T-shirt
Style# TGZ- 10043

Ladies Photo Print Short Sleeve Tshirt Bangladesh

Ladies S/S Printed T-shirt
Style# TGZ- 10044

Mens Long Sleeve Printed Tshirt Bangladesh

Mens Long Sleeve Printed Tshirts
Style# TGZ- 10045

Mens Long Sleeve Button Placket T-shirt Bangladesh

Mens V-neck L/S T-shirt
Style# TGZ- 10046

Mens Yarn Dyed Rugby Polo shirt Bangladesh Manufacturer

Mens Yarn Dyed L/S Polo shirt
Style# TGZ- 10047

Mens Yarn Dyed striped Vintage Polo shirt Bangladesh

Mens Striped Polo shirt
Style# TGZ- 10048

 Mens Full zip Fleece Jacket Sweatshirt Bangladesh

    Mens Printed Front Zip Jacket
Style# TGZ- 10050

Mens Basic Blank White T-shirt Cheap Bangladesh

Mens Basic Blank T-shirt
Style# TGZ- 10049

 Mens Chest Print Sweatshirt Bangladesh Hoody

Mens Printed FLEECE Sweatshirt
Style# TGZ- 10051

 Boys Printed Hoody Sweatshirt Kangaroo Pocket Bangladesh

Boys Printed FLEECE Hoody/ Sweatshirt
Style# TGZ- 10052

Ladies Full zip Polar Fleece Hoodie Sweatshirt Bangladesh

Ladies Zip Front Hooded Jacket
Style# TGZ- 10053

 Kids Hoody Sweatshirt Fleece Printed Kangaroo pocket Bangladesh

Kids Printed Hooded Sweatshirt
Style# TGZ- 10054

 Baby Girls Boys Kids Childress Nigthwear Sleepwears Pajamas Set Bangladesh

Kids Pajamas Set
Style# TGZ- 10055


Ladies Night wears / Sleepwear
Style# TGZ- 10056

Mens Nightwear High Quality Cotton Pajama

Mens Sleepwear Pajama
Style# TGZ- 10057

Tex Garment Zone has opened their new division - Nightwear/SleepwearSleepwear Nightwear    

T-shirt Printing:

Printed t-shirts are a modern fashion staple, accepted as appropriate apparel in all but the most formal situations. T-shirt printing technology has come a long way from basic screen printing. Though screen printing is still used today for many occasions, such as football and baseball jerseys, there are also new printing technologies that produce full-color results in less time.

Some Printing Methods what we use:

      Water based Pigment Print

Water Based/Pigment screen print

Silk Screen Print

Flock Screen Print

Discharge Screen Printing

High Density 3D Print

Crack Screen Print

Puff Screen Printing

Glow in the Dark Print

Dye Sublimation Print

Sticker/Heat Transfer Print

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